Back Loading can often be a less expensive way of moving house

O’Brien Removal & Storage provide the highest quality door to door removal service within Australia, regardless to the quantity of goods being moved.

Moving furniture is our trade and we do it well, so well and efficient that there is sometimes little time to source a full load on our return journey. O’Brien Removals and Storage do not charge our clients to run vehicles back to base.

Back loading is of benefit to both our client and our business in that we do not want a truck returning to base without a full load. You should always feel confident to ask the question: Is a back load possible? O’Brien’s may have at times the ability to offer a back load service if there is an unreserved area on a vehicle returning to base.

A Back Load Booking works exactly the same as a normal booking, you go to the FREE FAST QUOTE and place a request, you can do that by CLICKING HERE or simply pick up the telephone and call 1300 OB MOVE and one of our staff will be there to answer any questions. Our mobile number 0418 543 454 will connect you direct to a booking officer.

O’Brien Removals & Storage back load from every state and most city and country towns in Australia.

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The O'Briens Removals commitment is to provide our customers with the finest quality Removal & Storage services.


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