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There is a very old saying, and it is often very right: “If in doubt – throw it out”

Your Moving day is going to work out PERFECTLY! When you book With O’Brien’s Everything will happen just as you arranged it! O’BRIENS ARE RELIABLE.

These days it is very important NOT to leave questions unanswered, an O’Brien’s Removal & Storage representative is qualified to answer your questions and available every day.

For one reason or the another you cannot find what you need from our website please CONTACT US

You may wish to telephone our mobile number 0418 543 454 and be connected direct to a booking officer.

What areas do you cover?

O’Brien Removals & Storage move people and there belonging all over Australia. We travel to anywhere in the country where people require our service. Form Melbourne to the back of Bourke so to speak. Regardless to where you live, arrangements can be made to assist you.

Can I use my own cartons and pack up myself?

O’Brien Removals & Storage welcomes you to pack your own boxes but we strongly recommend you follow our procedures with-in our web-site. The responsibility remains with the customer and should you take out transit insurance then we recommend you also consult with Associated Marine Insurers regards potential claims arising from such claims.

Can I ask how you work out a price for my removal?

O’Brien Removals & Storage will typically work out prices Local moves on a hourly rate (1 hour minimum, then 15 minute blocks thereafter) On all local removals including office/ factory re-locations, a fixed price may be also determined and agreed to, but typically all removal companies allow for some extra anticipated delays when pricing the jobs this way. On Interstate removals O’Brien Removals & Storage will provide a fixed price based on the inventory supplied.
This is measured as cubic metres so it is important to have your list as accurate as possible as we try and combine your furniture with other work going the same way in order to save you freight costs. The option of express and exclusive trucks are also available and can be discussed at the time of quoting.

Will I require Insurance?

A removal company can’t charge or advise in any way regarding transit insurance, protection or indemnity, unless they have an AFS license or are an authorised representative for a licensee. We would therefore like to recommend our alliance with Associated Marine Insurers. With only one phone call and a few minutes of your time, it can take the hassle out of any concern for this type of insurance.

Are you vehicles available for any other use other than removals?

Yes. there are a number of people that use our vehicles. There are many uses for our vehicles and they have been and will continue to be made available to all those who wish to use them.

The weather can change and I need to be assured that I my furniture won’t get drenched, what does your company do in these cases?

Well it must be said we have no control over the weather and it should also be said, we at O’Brien’s have NEVER had a drenched anything, except a drenched staff member, YES! Every vehicle carries on board all the appropriate covering to ensure your goods are well cared for.

If I make a booking with your company, will the prices change before my moving day?

The simple answer is NO the base rate will always remain the same. However if you make changes, this can alter the quoted prices, but that would be fully explained when and if changes were made. When a booking is made a deposit is taken which sets the price.

There is no price list on the site?

That’s correct; Our pricing policy is worked on the distance, time used and location. The number of vehicles required and travel time involved. Every relocation is unique and we recognize that your vehicle requirements are individual and encourage you to contact our booking coordinator us to discuss your needs. In this way we can supply you with an accurate quotation. There is no obligation for you to proceed with the booking. You can obtain a free quotation by telephoning us at 1300 OB MOVE 1300 626 683. Or via email

Are the vehicles available for inspection?

Yes, You are very welcome to come to our offices and inspect the vehicles, and storage facilities our showroom is open every week day and Saturdays for this purpose. Other inspections can be arranged for just about any week day. It is always best to make an appointment so not to be disappointed. At O’Brien’s we are very proud of fleet and you are very welcome to inspect.

I don’t drive is possible for me to ride in the vehicle?

Unfortunately not, There are insurance and occupational health issues.

It’s not unusual for O’Brien Removals & storage to have three men in a truck at one time and there could be other pick ups on the way from Airports, railway, stations, all manor of places.

I would like a vehicle to pick up some things from another address, do you do that?

Of course, the guys would like that very much, in fact some times if the distance is not too great we can have a vehicle pick the goods and return to main pick up for the main move. This saves money and ensures everything is on board.

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