Countdown to Moving Day

Everyone needs to organized before any move can be instigated

There is certain amount of organizing to be done. It stands to reason if everything is to go well in your move it needs to be planned and planned well. The following information has been set out in order to assist you as much as possible.

You need to start your organizing if you can five or six weeks or at least one month before the move.

Flick through below for some great tips we’ve assembled through the years.

Get Rid of the old stuff!

Depending on how long you have lived at the current property will have a bearing on how much you have accumulated and what you will need to dispose of. It can be a good idea, to hire a mini skip or a trailer to remove unwanted items.

Many people these days hold a garage sales to sell unwanted goods. Someone trash can often be another’s treasure. If this is your intention, remember you need to place the ads in newspapers a week before. Then start preparing by placing sellable items into boxes. You will also need to find a space to put things ready for the open day. You should also remember all the good things go early and you will have things left over.

Unwanted clothes can go to the charities as can some unwanted furniture, just be sure to telephone the charity and ask what they will and will not except. As now days there are laws covering much of what you give.

Great stuff! You have worked your way through the property and removed all the unwanted goods, RIGHT? You might need to go around room by room one more time. Because on you first try, you might have put a few things back that you though you might like to keep.

So now you have been over every room and dispose of anything that is not wanted. Now you only need pack what you really need to take. Just in case you might like to telephone friends and family and find out if anyone would like to have a particular unwanted item or items.

Special things to go through clothes, attic, basement, kitchen cupboards,there is always dozens of items you have not used for years in the kitchen, toy chests are a must to do, and the bookshelves, there are people that buy unwanted books.

It is a good idea to discuss the move in detail with the children, especially the younger ones, keep in mind that moving can be a stressful time for them too.

If you are selling items it is a good idea to keep receipts for tax purposes.

Your appliances, take the time to evaluate whether you take them or sell them. Consider there age, size and colour. Some of these items might just now fit or suit.

Now we need to get into the NITTY GRITTY!

Select a note book or set up something on the computer – Because you need to make up a complete inventory of all the goods you need to move. A room by room list is usually the best way to go.

Don’t forget the pot plants, hanging baskets, special out door items you need to take and the tool shed.

Start to cook or use all the frozen items. In general it is a good Idea to run down all the food items

You will need to notify all the utilities of your move and don’t forget the lawn mowing man, the security service company, window cleaner, for that matter any regular services of your vacating date. Don’t forget to request refunds from any advance deposits or security deposits on utilities or rentals.

Mail is super important, you need to visit the post office and set up a redirection for you mail. You should also notify any publications, and correspondents of change of address and date of move.

Insurance is also a big thing cancel you current insurance and set up a now policy from the new residence, just be sure to coordinate with your insurance company so your new residence is covered immediately.


So many people forget about pets, they are going to new home too. It is a good idea if you can to take the pet to the new property before the move and you might need to check with your veterinarian regarding any travel preparation needs

What about the Kids?

Are they moving to new schools? If so you will need to organize for the cancellation from the old school and the Registration for the new school and don’t forget the transfer of any records. Be sure to get the children to clean out there school, sports or gym lockers.

Boxing Up

Now we still need to organize to obtain packing cartons and sticky tape and marking pens. With the cartons it is a very good idea to try to obtain cartons that are all the same size. Small medium and large BUT all the small should be the same etc. This make for easy carting and packing on the truck.

As you pack the cartons you need to mark each one with its contents: bathroom, kitchen, bedroom 1, etc. and label each carton with the location in the new home and be sure to make cartons that have breakables – either GLASS OR FRAGILE.

Another idea some people use is to number the cartons, they can be counted before they leave and on arrival.


If cleaning is required and you are going to do the work best time is on the day of the move as each room empties – you are able to clean. You could come back the next day and do it then. Or do what many do and just book a professional cleaner to come in after everything has been moved out.

Be sure to book a carpet cleaner a week or so in advance.

Moving ahead – two weeks before your move
  • You need to contact telephone, electric, paid television, gas and water companies and confirm specific date on which to discontinue services. Make sure you note of the day and time you called them for any future reference.
  • It is also a good idea to advise utility companies of your new location and when to start new services. You need to power on when you arrive.
  • You also need to advise the road and traffic people about your move and change your driver’s license, registration, and motor vehicle insurance.
  • Cancel the milk man, cleaner, newspapers, transfer and medical information over to the new doctor and dentist and advise Medicare of the change of address.
  • Arrange for the safe transfer of valuables such as jewelry, safe-deposit box continence, share broker and portfolios. Tell you lawyer and accountant of the move and a just any legal documents; advise all insurance companies and ajust policies.
  • Flammable, combustible items or Gas bottles can NOT be carried by any removal company. No, No’s are;
  • Fuels including petrol, fertilizers of any description, ammunitions, acids, aerosol cans, paints, corrosives and/or flammable liquids, will NOT be carried, as it may invalidate insurance.
  • If you have questions relating to any time you are unsure of please telephone our office.
  • No cockroaches! It is a really good idea to arrange pest control for the new property.
One Week to go! Before the removalist arrives

Confirm that the Post Office has been Notify of your change of address.

Lawn mowers, edging snipers, chain saws, etc. should be emptied of any fuels, oils or gases as should gas grills and kerosene heaters must all be empty well before transportation.

Check to make sure you didn’t leave anything at the dry cleaners.

It is a good idea to mark one carton to be placed onto the removal track last So in turn it comes off first – In this carton you will include essentials like;
Hot water jug or kettle, coffee & tea makings, sugar, cup or mugs and don’t for get a small spoon.

Place the first aid kit in this box to for any unexpected nicks or cuts include the head ace pills and any essential personal medications or bathroom items.

It’s also a good idea to place a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers and a few nails in this carton.

Need to set up the computer quickly? Ensure you include the power cords and other leads for TV’s Stereos in this carton.

Bed wheels and other bits and pieces. Plus nuts and bolts from any items that has been removed from furniture.

It’s also a good box to drop those last minute items that are found around after furniture has been removed.


Time to defrost the fridge, freezer and clean them up, it is a good idea to complete this task at least 24 hours in advance of the move.

Don’t turn off the telephone you could need it through your moving day.

Cleaning unfortunately now is the time to start, that is of course if you are going to do it.

We are getting there one day to go. The day before the move.

You need to have all your cartons stacked and ready in one room or place, be sure to ensure that other furniture can be moved past them with ease.

This is your move and you belongings you need to ensure someone is on site to supervise the move.

Pack all your valuables you intend to take with you and it is a good idea to have these items removed from the premises.

Ensure all the keys to the property are ready to be handed to the agent or the new owners, landlord or a trusted neighbour.

Tell someone you’re leaving tomorrow advise them of your itinerary in case of emergency.

Moving Day Has Arrived

Everything ready! A little time left to go over your list and check everything has been done.

When the removal truck arrives there staff will take control and liaise with you and start the move.

Loading and packing the items onto the truck will take a little time but once its done items you are taking with you on the trip, including luggage.

Search and check every room before the removalist departs.

Take note of the removalist name and contact phone number and give them yours and check they have the final destination address.

Check all the taps and hot-water heater and power are turn off and unplug the telephone. Check the windows are closed and the garage door locked. Note anything on imers should be checked and ensure that the new owners have access to the alarm code.

Day Of Move-In

Make sure you arrive at the new home before the removalist. You don’t want or need to pay a waiting charge.

You only need to advise the remaol staff where you would like thing s to be placed. Remember they are not there to set up you new home. Good luck.

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